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3 Ways to Make A Woman Want to Date You Again

“I think we really hit off…didn’t we?” “We seemed to make a real good connection and had great chemistry.” “That was a great first date; I hope I can secure another one.”

Have you ever uttered those phrases or something similar after you had a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman? The adrenaline rush you feel after what you perceive to be a great date is incomparable; however, the question remains: did she feel the same way? Moreover, is she excited and willing to go on a second date?

To state the obvious, the best way to secure a second date with a beautiful woman is to have a memorable first date with her. So what are some things you can do to make a woman want to date you again? Below is 3 suggestions, and please share any tips you may have in the comment’s section!

A. “The truth about women is that you can do anything to them except bore them”. That quote was uttered in the hit movie The Counselor, which was released last year, and while it is a bit graphic, there is some truth to that thought. At the end of the day, one of the worst things you can do while on a date is bore the woman you’re with. If you’re boring and there is a lack of excitement on the date, good luck trying to convince her to see you again.

B. Bring the energy, but also bring the manners. To expand on number one, it’s important that you’re energetic and engaged on the date, and not looking like you wish you were someplace else, or being the guy that is constantly checking his phone. What’s more, make sure you act like a gentleman; learn more about the importance and sexiness of being a gentleman by checking out our previous blog post.

C. Women have a 6th sense when it comes to perceiving how confident a man is, and let’s be straight; confident is sexy, timidness is not. Be assertive and sure of yourself, but make sure you also show that you’re unafraid of having a little fun.

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